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Frequently Asked Questions
Where can we view your work?
At this time, the best way to view our work is to call and make an appointment to visit our studio. It is the best way to meet us and to view actual videos from our past clients, not just clips or small pieces of footage from our website.

Do you have experience doing "ethnic" weddings?
We certainly do. We have produced videos containing Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim ceremonies. Our clients were ethnically diverse including American, African-American, Indian, Pakistani, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Latino, West African, Jamaican, Iraqi, Iranian, Lebanese, and Israeli.

A friend received her wedding video but it does not play on her DVD player.
Unfortunately all DVD players do not play everything, especially those of a few years ago. Always be sure to ask the videographer about the compatibility of your player prior to the publishing of the DVDs. In addition, scratches and fingerprints can also prevent a DVD from playing properly. Some laptops have difficulty playing DVD-Rs.

How unobtrusive can you be?
Some brides prefer a videographer that is almost not seen but at the same time can get the footage for a great production. Others encourage the videographer to interview guests, and generally be close to the action. The choice is up to you - either way, because of our experience and state of the art wireless microphones, we can ensure a great production with crystal clear "I do's."  The same goes for any other type of event. It is up to you to choose which you prefer.

What about audio?
We feel audio is just as important as video. A video with muffled sound is quite distracting and it detracts from the moment. Some videographers feel that is "good enough." We find this unacceptable. It takes skill, quality wireless microphones, and other audio capturing techniques to produce audio good enough to accompany stunning video. Do explore audio carefully with your videographer to avoid disappointment later.

How long have you been doing this?
Matheson Communications has over 25 years combined experience in videography and sound. The company also has 5 other experienced wedding videographers (associates) who have been trained in our style and attitude. They all have 3 to 10 years in the industry and have the same equipment as we do.

Do you have good references?
Not only can we give you good references - We can also provide you with the names and phone numbers of recent productions that we did - even up to a few weeks ago. All will attest to our "can-do" attitude, great social skills, and high quality of work. Please also take a look at our Corporate Videography page to see a few.

How long has your company been established?
Matheson Communications has been in business in Bethesda for over 18 years. Not all of those years were focused on videography though. Videography is now our only business.

What happens in the unlikely event that your videographer(s) has an "emergency" situation the day before my event?
No problem! We have a close relationship with two other well established Washington-area videography firms. Both are ready to step into our shoes at a moment's notice. In the past, we twice had to cover for one of our associate firms. Knock on wood, it has never happened to us.

How long will the final production be?
The maximum that can fit on a DVD in high quality mode is 2 hours. Most people prefer a medium length movie of about 1 hour 30 minutes. Most final productions are between 45 minutes and 2 hours in length. Note that your event may have been considerably longer and as many as 3 or 4 hours might have been shot but during the editing process only the best shots are retained for the final production.

Do you do photo montages?
A photo montage (slide show) is a great entertainment item for your event, shown either during the cocktail hour, the rehearsal dinner, or the main event itself. We can scan your original photos, prepare them for video, place them into a video, add your choice of music, and output to a DVD (or VHS.) If needed, we also have a projector and screen available plus an operator at a nominal charge. Please see our Montages page.

What kind of lighting do you use?
Because we use modern digital Sony 3-chip "wedding cameras" we use natural light most of the time. When needed, we mount a small light on our cameras to provide extra light should the room be really dimmed and insufficient for video. This is standard equipment. However, sometimes, due to unusual circumstances, a full lighting kit might be required. We can provide this for an extra charge.

What other work do you do?
We also cover conferences, awards dinners, documentary production, broadcast programs, and commercials. On occasion, we have also been hired to capture audio only - no video.  (Call for more information).
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