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In addition to providing top-quality videography for events, Matheson Communications has professionally trained associates who are experienced in capturing various forms of Corporate Videography. This includes, but is not limited to, conferences, performances, trade shows, training videos, fund raising videos, and general event coverage. Additionally, our associates have experience in television news and news magazine program production, and they have also taken on production assignments for established documentary filmmakers.

Between our associates, we have an array of skills and experience in everything from news to heavy industry. We understand the culture of and logistics of various events and we will staff each job with one or more of our professional associates that is the most experienced in that area. We are used to meeting tight deadlines and working under pressure. We also have experience in obtaining the necessary permits and credentials for shooting video in places that require security clearance or special access requirements. We are fully committed to top-quality video production as we all make our living from videography.

We also understand budgets vary with different commercial endeavors, and our combined experience in the industry allows us to be flexible in covering both large-scale and small-scale productions. We are able to assemble a team for larger productions with multiple cameras and the additional necessary equipment for the job, but we can also send one associate with one camera for a small shoot, such as filming a keynote speaker.

Depending on the needs and requests of our client, we are able to produce in a variety of formats: DVD, streaming video clips for the web, and tape (in either NTSC or PAL format).  Our experienced editors work with two different platforms, both Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.  Our company utilizes top-grade production equipment: Sony MiniDV (3-chip) cameras and Sennheiser Wireless Audio. Professional lighting with Lowell lighting systems is also available. For larger jobs we sometimes need to rent more heavy duty equipment (such as DVC Pro or Betacam), and we have the connections with rental houses to do so. Besides video production equipment, we can also provide other services such as projection equipment depending on the event.

Prices vary based upon the services required for each job. Please send all inquiries to

Take a look at our partial list of clients we have provided services for:

Public Relations Firms:
360 jmg (PR firm)
Brain Child Associates, LLC.
Extension Group
Kugler Communications

Robert Frost Middle School (musical)
Miss Africa International (pageant)
Miss India D.C. (pageant)
Northwood High School (dance)
The Primary Day School (graduation)
North Bethesda Middle School (musical)


Camden Properties (construction & property management)
Executive Alliance (event management)
Eye on Technology (trade shows)
United Central Bank (branch opening)

Gala Events (event management)
Glyde Productions (event entertainment)
Macro International Inc. (event management)
SubOptic International Conference
Digital Government Institute (awards gala)
Department of Homeland Security (sub-contract)
National Academy of Sciences (sub-contract)

Faith and Action Church
Humanity in Unity
Jewish Rockville Outreach Center

Inter News Network
ISC2 (internet security)
Corporate Council on Africa
Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA)
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
The Brem Foundation to Defeat Breast Cancer
Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED)
Center for Middle East Peace
Kakkis EveryLife Foundation
Montgomery Housing Partnership
Abt Associates
Center on Innovation and Improvement

Cultural Bridge International (Sudan TV)
Sri Lanka Embassy (foreign minister visit)
Ivory Coast Embassy (prime minister visit)
Telesud (France)
NBC News Channel
MHz Networks
Gestoso Television News
Univision Network LP
Azteca Int'l Corporation


Shinebox Media Productions (childhood obesity)
Nuclear Policy Research Institute (Star Wars)
Bridges Public Charter School (first year of school)

Fitness Reinvented Exercise Videos

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