Matheson Communications
Wedding & Event Videography

Wedding & Event Videography is not just our business,
it's our passion!

Welcome to our domain where you will find information about our videography firm. We strive to capture your memories of your special day - then preserve them forever so that you can return time and time again and relive them at the click of a button.

Our Associates... Cliff Matheson and his team of associates many years of experience in the video industry. They are great videographers, filmmakers, and editors who will make your special event as real as the day it happened.

Why choose us? There are so many competing firms who appear to offer the same service for less. Unfortunately, those are the times we live in. There are a great many folks out there who pick up a camera and then offer their services as a "videographer." It does not work like that. Before one can consistently produce high quality video, a great deal of skill, training, and experience is necessary. If you take the time to carefully explore the difference, you wont be disappointed with the result. In fact, many other long established event professionals have seen our work and think we produce work of very high quality and at surprisingly fair prices.

For more information, please visit the rest of the pages on this site and in particular, please invest the time to go over the FAQs, they are a great way to fully educate yourself on the choices you need to consider. Then, please call us to request a copy of our sample video or, better yet, to make an appointment to meet in person where you will have an opportunity to watch a DVD of an event done by us similar in style and type to that which you have planned. We would welcome such an opportunity to hear in detail your ideas and concerns about the stunning video we hope to make of your special day.

Matheson Communications, Inc.
Wedding & Event Videography
Bethesda, Maryland

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